Draper cutterbars. CONVIO FLEX / CONVIO.

Designed to do more.

Draper cutterbars are used wherever low-growing and low-fruiting stalk crops or difficult conditions (laid crops, volunteers) necessitate very flat cutting.

CONVIO FLEX, with its flexible knife bar, has been developed for universal use in all threshing crops, such as grains, rapeseed, soybeans, peas, grass and many others. CONVIO (with a rigid knife bar) is particularly suited to grains and rapeseed.

Draper cutterbars for more performance.

The constant crop flow through the  cutterbar provides the combine harvester with an even, high-volume supply of crop material.

CONVIO cutterbars provide the operator with a variety of assistance systems which can be operated from inside the cab. These include automatic reel torque control, AUTOMATIC BELT SPEED and AUTO FLEX which ensure that the cutterbar is automatically adjusted to the optimal configuration.

New features for CONVIO FLEX / CONVIO.

Smooth cutterbar guidance.

Hydropneumatically suspended stabiliser wheels prevent the cutterbar from rocking when operating in uneven terrain. This feature also ensures smooth cutterbar guidance at high ground speeds and enhances driving comfort.

Schneidwerksführung sicher und steigert den Fahrkomfort.

Powerful work lights.

The lighting package provides good all-round visibility when operating in the dark and using large working widths. Work lights on the left and right sidewalls illuminate the crop edge. The work lights at left and right on the back panel allow the stubble immediately behind the cutterbar to be monitored.

Brightly illuminated crop flow.

Powerful work lights illuminate both side belts in the cutterbar trough. This allows you to continue to monitor – and if necessary optimise – the crop flow on the belts when operating during the hours of darkness.

Crop lifters can be replaced quickly.

All the crop lifters have tool-free quick-release mounts which allow them to be fitted and removed extremely rapidly. You can therefore count on your cutterbar being ready for action again quickly if the crop lifters are damaged or have to be replaced when changing to harvesting a different crop.

Powerful drive.

The drive train of the cutterbar consists of two parts. The mechanical part drives the intake auger and knife bar while the hydraulic part drives the side belts, the centre belt, the reel and the rapeseed knives. An overload protection feature protects the entire drive train against damage.

Powerful reversing.

Powerful mechanical reversing of the intake auger and the feeder housing is possible when these units are stationary.

  • It is also possible for the side belts and centre belt to be reversed under full load
  • Slow, gradual starting following reversing

Linear drive of knife bar.

Depending on the working width, the linear drive is transmitted to the knife bar by one or two planetary gear units.

  • One-piece knife bar with planetary gear unit on the left-hand side of the machine for the 9.30 m and 7.70 m models
  • Divided knife bar, each section having a separate planetary gear unit for the 13.80 m, 12.30 m, 10.80 m and 9.30 m (optional) models
  • Both halves run synchronously and in opposite directions


Innovative reel for the highest throughput.

The newly developed reel with its innovatively shaped, adjustable cam track allows the reel tines to pick up the crop before it is cut, thereby keeping front attachment losses to a minimum, especially in lodged grain. In short crops in particular, the tines optimise the feeding of the crop into the cutterbar. In addition, the unique flip-over concept prevents the crop from wrapping on the reel. In this way, the crop is fed efficiently, consistently and with minimal losses onto the belts of the CONVIO cutterbar, from where it is delivered evenly into the combine harvester.

Automatic reel torque control.

Thanks to the hydraulic reel drive, the torque applied to the reel can be adjusted automatically to cope with difficult harvesting conditions, such as lodged crops. An automatic height control system, which operates on the basis of the programmed pressure and sensitivity levels, prevents the tines from digging into the ground.

AUTOMATIC BELT SPEED for the conveyor belts.

The AUTOMATIC BELT SPEED operator assistance system adjusts the speed of the belts to the harvesting speed continuously and completely automatically – and accommodates all crop conditions.

Advantages for the operator:

  1. Constant, automatic adjustment of the belt speeds, especially in uneven crop stands
  2. Speeds are always set correctly for an even crop flow
Effective cutting widthmm137901226010740922769
Vertical flexibility of knife bar
Side belt depthmm1079.501079.501079.501079.501079.50
Trough depthmm13291329132913291329
Rapeseed equipment
Automated cutterbar control

○ Optional – Not available


ACTIVE FLOAT for the knife bar.

CONVIO FLEX is equipped as standard with the ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension. This suspension system allows the ground pressure of the knife bar to be adjusted to the field conditions from the cab while on the move.

Advantages for the operator:

  1. Precise cutterbar guidance close to the ground through optimal ground pressure
  2. Ideal when working in conditions where the moisture level - dew in the morning or evening, for example - is rising

Maximum flexibility for all ground contours.

Maximum reduction in operator workload with optimal cutting performance – CONVIO FLEX can be used in four different modes:

1 Cereal mode.

Cutterbar table and knife bar are set to a rigid configuration.

2. Laid cereal mode.

The knife bar is rigid but can be changed to flexible mode with a touch of a button while on the move. This is especially useful for avoiding crop losses when dealing with isolated lodged crop areas during grain harvesting.

3 Manual flex mode.

When manual flex mode is activated, the knife bar resting on its skids but exerting no ground pressure follows the ground contours. The flexible knife bar can avoid obstacles with a 90 mm upward deflection and also follow the ground contours with a downward deflection of 135 mm. With a total flex range of 225 mm, CONVIO FLEX is therefore able to adjust to practically all ground conditions.

4 AUTO FLEX mode.

AUTO FLEX is a self-learning system which automatically optimises the height of the front attachment on the basis of the ground contours and thereby offers a number of important advantages:

  • The greatest possible downward flex range is always available
  • The knife bar is always maintained as close as possible to the reel
  • The lowest cutting height is achieved
Effective cutting widthmm137901226010740922769
Vertical flexibility of knife bar
Side belt depthmm1079.501079.501079.501079.501079.50
Trough depthmm13291329132913291329
Rapeseed equipment
Automated cutterbar control

○ Optional – Not available