Precision farming made easy.

Steering systems GPS PILOT


Precision farming made easy.

GPS PILOT steering systems. Precise, future-proof, simple.

Improve the profitability of your farm and simplify day-to-day operations – step into the future with the CEMIS 1200 terminal. With the GPS PILOT automatic steering system, your machine will seem like it's running on rails: always on the right track, using the full working width with no overlapping. There's no need for a long induction course. You'll be surprised how easy it is to operate an automatic steering system using the intuitive CLAAS user interface. Thanks to ISOBUS and standard data exchange formats, the CEMIS 1200 is the way forward for more precision in farming.


The CEMIS 1200 fits seamlessly into the cab: with the same intuitive control logic as CEBIS, operators will quickly find their way around. You can use the system on all CLAAS machines set up for GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200. The terminal and receiver can be transferred from one machine to another in next to no time, giving you complete flexibility and saving money into the bargain.


With the CEMIS 1200 you can handle your job management via your mobile phone connection in just a few clicks – it's standardised and convenient. Plan your jobs in your farm management software and transfer them straight from 365FarmNet or other connected systems to the harvesting machine via TELEMATICS. The operator has all the tasks in sight and can quickly and easily send them back to the office on completion. Assign, complete and document – seamlessly and reliably.

With GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200, you get a terminal fit for the future. Tailor-made for your farm, with full functionality pre-installed or added on gradually to suit your growing needs. Still not sure? Why not test additional functions and correction signals free of charge in advance? Perhaps your requirements have changed during the season? No problem – with the digital connection you can adapt the system's functions quickly and flexibly to suit your needs. The appropriate license or activation can be transferred online straight to your terminal.


You need a good correction signal for precise work. It’s a given with SATCOR 15* provided as standard for 5 years. If you need a higher level of accuracy, SATCOR 3* and SATCOR 3 FAST* correction signals are optionally available.

If absolute precision is your top priority, choose the GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200 with RTK correction signal for the highest possible accuracy. All RTK correction signals are enhanced by the RTK Bridging function as standard, i.e. if the signal is lost, work can continue for up to 20 minutes with gradually decreasing accuracy.

Difficult topography or mobile phone dead zones in your area? With RTK Bridging Premium you can carry on working – without loss of accuracy or time limits.

*SATCOR 15 / SATCOR 3 / SATCOR 3 FAST powered by Trimble RTX

SATCOR correction signals, RTK Bridging and RTK Bridging Premium are not available in all regions. Together with your CLAAS distributor, we will find the best solution for your individual requirements.