Medal winner.

The German Agricultural Society (DLG) is presenting its Innovation Award at Agritechnica 2019. This prize is awarded for pioneering innovations in agricultural technology. CLAAS has won three silver medals this year.

The LEXION 6000 and 5000 set new standards in the threshing and separation performance of straw walker combine harvesters with the APS SYNFLOW WALKER.

Silver for the new threshing units in the LEXION model series

This completely new threshing mechanism features a 450-mm pre-accelerator drum, a 755-mm threshing drum with ten rasp bars and an additional separator drum with a diameter of 600 mm ahead of the impeller.

The new LEXION combine harvesters won another silver medal with the CEMOS AUTO CHOPPING system.

CEMOS AUTO CHOPPING saves fuel and optimises straw chopping results.

During the mowing and threshing process, the system continuously determines the straw moisture content and quantity, and automatically adjusts the stationary knife and friction concave plate positions in the straw chopper to the straw conditions at the time. This can save up to 10% on diesel use. All that the driver at the CEBIS terminal has to do is specify whether the priority is maximum chop quality or maximum operating efficiency.

Silver for the JAGUAR.

CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE controls engine power and ground speed.

With the CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE function, the JAGUAR maintains a constant engine speed and adjusts the engine power and ground speed according to the crop mass. If the crop mass increases, first the engine power is increased, and then the ground speed is reduced.

In a lower crop mass, the engine power is reduced automatically. This keeps the engine speed steady, and eliminates abrupt load alternation effects. This results in uniform crop flow with high operating reliability and reduced fuel consumption. It also means less stress on the driver, particularly in demanding harvesting conditions.